Monday, September 23, 2013

New Concord

Our first day back from the two week rest for the dog's sprain went very well. The beastly heat changed to cool days and the trees have begun to turn. Nice (the dog) knew why I we had stopped two weeks past because each time he began to tug and play with the leash all I had to do was tell him to stop one time. He gets smarter with age.
I saw the young man who saved me from a tornado at the end of the day. He had been one of the first to break me of my stupid pride and insist we put the world in the bed of his truck and race the wall cloud that was bearing down on us. As I held onto the world the clouds overtook us and a great wind tossed the world out of the bed of his truck and ripped the lacings off the ball. I found out later a funnel had touched down very near where he had found me helplessly holding the world as it lifted off the ground. That was a lesson in" Pride can get you hurt."
Thanks Tyler!


Kerri said...

Hi! It was nice to meet you and Nice today! I was the girl who stopped to find out what the deal was and shared to you that mother died as well. You are doing a great thing! I hope your journey goes well!

naturemom said...

Wow - saw this too late to see you! Fantastic!!!!

Where are you now? Maybe we'll drive over to see you walk a bit so my 8yr daughter can be inspired!!!

Thanks for your passion! Hope to catch up to see you and Nice walking. Regards and good luck, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Seen you talking to the mailman here in Cambridge and he told me where your going too, my dad has diabetes also and I would like to say good luck on your journey

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed you! I live in New Concord, and I would have loved to meet you and your dog! Good luck with your journey. Thanks for passing through this great town.

christy said...

i saw you at Riesbecks yesterday..your globe was tied out by the cart coral. Good luck in your journey! Proud of you for walking for a great cause.