Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Twist

We were walking along the East Pike out of Zanesville toward Norwich when Nice (the dog), while frolicking by my side, twisted is right front foot. He began to limp badly. Luckily we were a few hundred yards from an intersection with a gas station/store, a restaurant and a hotel. We rolled/limped to the station. As we were walking across to a shade spot on the side of the store a State Patrolman pulled up to ask what the world was all about. I explained my mission and quickly explained that the dog had just sprained his foot and asked for a ride to retrieve the van. He was on his way back to the post (I had passed it earlier). My van was parked a short distance farther . He agreed, so I tied the world to the shade tree and we got in the back of his cruiser.
Fifteen minutes after his injury we were back to the van and Nice was off his feet.
When we returned to the world I parked at the restaurant next to a shade tree , got Nice comfortable in the grass and a bowl of water then went in the diner for lunch. The manager didn't mind me using the space for awhile so I stayed to see how Nice was doing. After a couple of hours it was clear that an overnight rest to recover from a twisted foot was not going to be enough. I decided it was time to pull the plug on the world.
The next few days are forecast to be hot so I am going to let him rest, then see if he is ready.
Every goal has a twist. Sometimes the twist changes everything.
I am following this road to look back on what I have learned from the time we walked it six years ago.
I think it is time to stop for a paws.

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