Monday, September 30, 2013

First to Last

The first person I spoke to, before we walked out of St.Clairsville, was a man who stopped to ask about the world. He then thanked me for my efforts. His wife was diabetic. He told me of a recent episode where she lost consciousness, despite her best efforts to regulate her medications. He urged me to keep spreading the message.
The last person to speak to me was the parish priest at St. Michael's, after I had walked into Wheeling and been offered to park at St Michael's School. The principal of the school and I met in line at a nearby store. As the sun fell over Wheeling I was visited by Father McSweeney of the parish. He told me he has two brothers with diabetes. Both had passed on from the disease.
As he walked away he said in his thick Irish accent, "Peace. Joy. All good things."

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