Friday, September 6, 2013

"too awesome!"

It had been a long distance under the hot sun. We stopped at a shade tree in front of a white-fenced house just past a farm equipment business.
It seemed familiar to me. I had stopped at this spot before.
I removed my shoulder bag and pack, sat down for a proper snack & let-my-shirt- dry-rest.
After a few minutes a man drove in the drive and off in the grass before coming over to talk. He was a calm and deliberate presence. We had met here before. He owned the property and the farm implement store. He hadn't changed, this he attributed to healthy living. The same morning meal of oats "out of the box", nuts and berries everyday. As he told me about how he had developed his business, his advocacy for "no-till" farming and his philosophy on life I remembered him more clearly from before. He was what he preached, consistent and calm, deliberate and patient. Just as he had been when I met him six years ago.
We talked awhile before the excitement.
Two women stopped to talk.
A man pulled of the roadway, trotted over to us, handed me a drink, told me he'd heard what I was doing and had to bring me something. Then he turned right around and went back to his car.
The women left also.
The man and I resumed our conversation in the grass, under the shade.
The world was in the sun thirty feet from the road and twenty feet from where we were sitting.
Then a loud skidding sound from a car slamming on the brakes caused me to look up to see a car had over steered and his right rear contacted the left rear of the man's car who had stopped to hand me a soda. He had been waiting to pull back into traffic. No one was hurt, but it was very dramatic with pieces flying as the speeding car glanced off the good gentleman's car.
There was hardly a pause in the calm farmer's conversation.
We kept talking. The farmers daughter pulled in with her two children. His wife arrived. We talked about healthy things and after about twenty minutes I thought it was time to "mosey" on into Wilmington.
I crossed to the opposite side of the road.
As I passed I called over to the scene of the accident asking if everyone was alright. To my surprise everyone was smiling. The man who had hit the other called back that they were okay adding, " It's because you're too awesome!"
I don't know about that...

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Anonymous said...

Just metvyou on 22 heading east wish I could have given more may god bless you and keep you safe Denise. And Bill Wingard Lancaster Ohio