Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Fork in the Road

The first time I walked thru Cambridge I turned to the road that led to Steubenville along US-22. Since then that route has become clogged with "fracking" traffic. During the break from the road, when Nice (the dog) twisted his foot, I retraced the steps of years ago. Even without the increased volume of gas exploration vehicles and the Walmart rigs traveling to the new distribution hub I was lucky to have made it through. Many of the places where I had walked at night back then would now be more risky because the flow of trucks is almost constant now. I have learned to avoid narrow roads with guardrails tight along both sides of he road. Many spots along 22 I would now skip by, taking a ride or letting the air out of the world and transporting it in the van.
Part of the "drive" to walk to Pittsburg a second time was to reflect on what I have learned in the past six years. When I came to the fork in the road I decided to take the less traveled road to Wheeling, West Virginia. It was relaxing to walk along the Old National Highway,US-40, and the back roads for the past few days, without the constant traffic. Now I am approaching the outskirts of Wheeling. The roads are filling up again. It may be a few miles farther than the road I took six years ago, but it has been much more relaxed.


Unknown said...

We just saw you in blaine, ohio. We think your very awesome for doing what your doing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, i seen you walking in bridgeport ohio today. I want to tell you i admire what you do.

Unknown said...

Hey. I saw you on National road around 130pm in a town called bridgeport, Ohio. Just wanted to show some support and tell you I appreciate what you're going.. Good luck with everything.

Sending a small donation your way.

Dharmaland said...

My daughter and I met you in Brookside/Bridgeport today. Thank you for taking a minute to talk with us. We have shared the picture on Facebook and on her blog. Please keep up what you are doing. You are truly an inspiration.