Saturday, September 24, 2011

A gentle nudge from the Four Winds.

When I received an e-mail a week ago from a teacher at The Circle Of Nations School in Wapeton last Friday inviting me to visit with the children (4th thru 8th grade) I replied saying I would probably be too far West when I got that far South but would come if the winds blew me that way. From that day on all my efforts to forge West were met with Mother Natures helping hand sending me toward the school or pinning me down until I was ready to see things her way. The way to the children at Wahpeton. Once I realized that resistance was futile the winds helped me along.
I arose early Friday to the first official chills of Autumn and began walking the last miles into Wahpeton in the dark under a beautiful star filled sky with just enough light from the moon to shade the fields. As the light of day brightened the morning was filled with visits from all types of good people. A woman brought her kids out to the road for a picture, a man brought tea, a teacher from the school came and we confirmed plans when I got to town. Others brought coffee and hot chocolate to keep me warm (and fuzzy) on my stroll to town. When I was speaking to a reporter from the newspaper in town on the phone a stunningly pretty woman stopped at the business I was standing in front of and waded across the clear water of the ditch to thank me for what I am doing, she and her husband were type-1 diabetics and we had a great talk as Nice (the dog) enjoyed her attention; then she hiked up her slacks and sloshed back across the ditch to her car. I hoped to myself that one day researchers can turn the corner for type-1 diabetes. This was one of those days where talking to people was the order of the day and not miles. A great day to begin the Fall season.
I eventually made my way to the Circle of Nations where I spent the rest of the day. We got the World into the gymnasium where I talked and answered questions. The school staff and the children could not have been more kind and warm to us. I am thankful for the opportunity to visit the children of the Circle of Nations and am humbled by the wisdom of the Wind...


Brad Zachow said...

We were blessed by the opportunity to share our day, children, and school with you. I pray for safe and meaningful travels for you and your four footed companion.
Brad Zachow
Principal, Circle of Nations School

Anonymous said...

We passed you heading South on ND 127 and lost you when we came back that way... where did you go? Not sure if your message will be heard but if you are interested, there are 2 schools along that SD stretch of that highway. Rosholt (K-12) and New Effington Elelmentary (K-6)

Anonymous said...

I was the one who came down and took pictures with you by the grain bins 2 miles north of Fairmount. If you spend the night in Fairmount, we would love to have you visit our school! Thank you for what you're doing. I loved reading your blog! Good luck!!:)