Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Riding the tide.

After a day of waiting for the winds and rain in Walcott where the weather only got better as the day progressed which was good for my arm but hard on my mind, because I don't like sitting when there are miles to walk, I left this morning to a hard North west wind and cold cloud filled sky. They said it was fifty but the wind made it much cooler. I wore my cap instead of my usual sweat bleached hat so I could keep my ears warm and not have to chase my hat across a beet field. The road to Colfax went so fast I decided to go on to Abercrombie and now I am staying behind the Fort Abercrombie Saloon (great food!) I am tired, sore, and still livin' the dream!


Anonymous said...

Good luck and God bless you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Just got done visiting with you on the overpass in Wahpeton, as I drove away I thought "Man I should have given him a donation" What is the best way to donate to your cause?

Carrie McDermott said...

Good luck with your journey, Erik, and thanks for stopping to talk while in Wahpeton.