Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rosholt SD

After walking into South Dakota yesterday I stopped and was allowed to stay at the Hutterite Colony (I hope I spelled that correctly). The children there were fun to talk to and the leader was very kind to give me hospitality. Gracious thanks Joe!
Today I walked to Rosholt and spoke to the whole student body where I anwered questions for quite awhile. I then walked to the opposite corner of town and visited the elderly at both the facilities there. I then reurned to the schools parking area where I had spotted the van. I touched up the world with paint and a couple small patches. I would say more of the day but I am drained from talking to so many folks during the afternoon. Many thanks to the townspeople and the school for letting me have a place to rest for the evening. Tomorrow I am planning to get to Effington.
Goodnight South Dakota.

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