Sunday, September 11, 2011

The White Earth

On Labor Day I Walked into the Nation. From the Store at Zerkel to the bridge I must have talked to a dozen people. The first was a couple whose daughter was obese and the father was struggling to find a way to get through to his daughter. I hope my encouragement helped them. At the Mississippi river bridge
I was met by two men of the tribe on their way to work. They, and most of the natives told me how prevalent diabetes is among their people. Then I met a member of the Tribal Council, he told me of a program, a way of thinking , Wisdom Steps to prevent and control diabetes with each wise step. Each day I was on reservation lands I was welcomed and helped by the people with warm conversation and healthy snack foods like fruits and nuts. Walking for awareness I am pushing to promote exercise but healthy eating does make a difference. I will take any gift and loosing weight has leveled off because of the Nice people bringing me every type of food you could imagine. I am fluffy and fit! With a good wind and help from members of the council my time in the nation was a pleasant memory I'll hold close. Thank you to the Ojibwa nation.

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Anonymous said...

very awesome that you came to our reservation... thank you... diabetes is a very real and scary thing for our people... i hope that your visit inspired many... best to you and happy trails...