Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gizmo Glitchs

For all I know this phone may give out again soon so I better catch up from my walk out of Itasca's Mississippi Headwaters into the White Earth Indian Nation. The keys are freezing on this device. It has been slow and stalls. The message post is involved in the whole phone-road-trip to Fargo today. It is interesting that I was just checking my posts to see what I wrote and it said the post had no message and after I rewrote "-take two-" then going back to check the original post reappeared. Here is what has happened so far...
The tribe is treating me well. I can see the difference in the land left whole. Here the dragonflies are at ease. Somehow slower, with more spirit.

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LaVon Bakken said...

The adventure you are on in creating awareness for diabetes is very heroic. Thank you so much for stopping at the Boys & Girls Clubs of the White Earth Reservation ~ Callaway Unit so the club members could listen from you on what you do and why you do it and take a picture with you. Also thank you for the chance to meet Nice. He is an amazing companion. Good Luck on your adventure and may you create awareness around the globe!

All the best,
The club members of Callaway
LaVon Bakken
Callaway Unit Lead