Thursday, September 22, 2011


The sunny morning burned the dew from the world while I readied my things for the day. Nice (the dog) wasn't interested at all in getting out of bed, until one of the women came out from the back of the Fort Aber' Saloon. Then he was as enthusiastic as a puppy. We went inside and had breakfast. I had eggs, Nice munched on dog food out of his bucket whenever the ladies came out from their morning chores. It was getting late when I loaded my pack onto my back and walked out of town making time to slowly loosen my stiff old bones while rolling off the road for cars and trucks. The shoulders of 81 are too steep to roll along so would get off and wait until the road was clear. In the distance I could see the Church steeple.
About five miles later I was sitting in the front yard of the old white church. It's side and rear filled with headstones both old and recent. I always pause and take in the cemetery grounds; I have slept in a couple along my journeys; they are cool, even in the heat of summer. The day was clear and I was enjoying the quiet time and the beauty of the fields in harvest time when a man drove in beside us. We talked for a long while, I listened more than I spoke. He had farm and business interests both here and in Africa to help feed people in need. We exchanged stories, shared some positive thoughts about life. He was so impressed with my spirit he offered me work thru the harvest until December, along with lodging and good pay. I then respectfully declined and told him I was walking for diabetes awareness and of my journeys over the last few months. We got along so well I was tempted to accept the offer but instead I took in his visit as a gift; present. He told me of his friend that he had grown up with, of his honesty and goodness. He told me of the wave they shared when passing each other just there at the church a minute before he crashed and died at the bridge down the road. He pointed out his headstone a few yards away. Time passed as we talked, and stood still. We planned to meet again.
I walked on to Dwight and found a spot under a tree in the park that was as large as the town, relaxed and ate a cucumber as I talked to myself about how to get back to the van in 'Aber. Telling myself to be patient I snacked on a handful of sunflower seeds enjoying the quiet time. Just then A woman stopped and got out with her camera. I had watched her drive by along the road but she had missed me; I was hiding in plain sight. Within a few minute she had invited us to stay at her family property on the edge of town and would also ride us to the van. On my way there I was stopped by a couple outside their home and could not resist the offer of a bowl of homemade chicken soup and good conversation. The woman up the road had told me to take my time; that's what I did. It wasn't too long before we had the van safe in Dwight and were sleeping summer away. I awoke early in the morning and was on the road as Autumn began to a clear, crisp, star filled morning. Enjoying the long stretches of quiet time watching the headlights in the distance.
I've spent enough time on this rambling post.

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