Friday, September 16, 2011

North Dakota cool.

Our first day in the state was good. The first person I spoke to offered to give me a ride at the end of the day and after walking along another long University street I worked my way to my home away from home, walmart. The newspaper had published a good picture which was shown on a couple of the national news morning shows on Wednesday. The Fargo Tv news had also stopped for an interview early in the week so I had a lot of waving to do at the cars who honked as I strolled along. The wind had shifted and was coming from the south. I had hoped to use the wind to my favor compared to the previous days. No luck in that but I did make the best of the day. It is in the thirties this morning and I am slow in getting prepared today. I am generally working south and west. Where the small towns and gas stations have a big factor in determining my path. The recommendations of the people I meet weighs in also.
I have stopped by a nursing home,a recovery center, a dialysis center and waved to the children at a child care in the past two days. I have received many messages from people who are inspired to activity lately. I am thankful what I am doing is making some think about their health. Until we bring a cure that helps all forms of diabetes we all need to better ourselves by being active and keep our circulation moving. I met a diabetic physician who was walking with his family yesterday, he said his job would be much easier if everyone would just walk.
Maybe I'm onto something...

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Anonymous said...

I saw you walking along the highway in Horace.. I was on my way to work. I wanted to stop but I didn't have time. I wish you all the best on your journey!