Friday, September 16, 2011


This morning was chilly with a strong breeze from the southwest. From the Fargo walmart I was starting out toward the west. My little ball/sail with the leash to the lasing can spin along relatively well tacking to the southwest wind. Wanting to go with the flow I passed the road to Horace but was quickly redirected by "the original Don Johnson". The advice I was given last night, to follow the road west and I would get to a town, would have me heading north so I turned around. Funny that my short meeting with mr.j was worth the walk. Then when I had turned toward Horace the now stronger wind was almost directly against my path south. The bottom of the swail along the side of the roadway was the only way to make southern progress. The shoulders have been cut so I was lucky to be able to roll over just six inches of grass. Most of the Minnesota highway was overgrown because of it's government shutdown this summer and the roads there have large shoulders. Each state has it standards of road design, some older roads, some modern designs with future growth built in like this road out of Fargo. The walk along the ditch line was broken up by the intersecting roads, drives & a bridge. Over these it was all pushing against the hard wind. I was less than two miles to Horace, against the wind I would take hours to get to town.
Then a man pulled up and told me that over two hundred school children where waiting for me at the Horace Elementary School I pushed against the wind for awhile but soon the town sent a man with a pickup truck to assist my struggle and shuttled me to the waiting crowd of kids. There I spoke to them for awhile and answered questions just before the school day ended. I would never have gotten there in time. The wind kept blowing all day and since I was worn out from the past days against the wind tunnel the. School parking lot is where I stayed for the day, my shoulder throbbing but my heart full from the happy kids. Thanks for the break Horace.

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We love you, Mr World. - Horace