Sunday, January 22, 2012

"The air you wear"

It's foggy this morning and it rained last night making all the paint I put on the worn spots of the World wet and running down the side. I could wait for the sun to break thru to dry it. There is very little wind to air dry the canvas. I will most likely go ahead and roll the dam-p paint off in the grasses and wet roadsides. I repatched some spots with fresh adhesive yesterday so those areas will be alright. Too many days of being wet wears off the paint faster and also separates the many patches slowly. I had stopped early in the day to work on the world yesterday but the woman who had offered a ride had an errand so I had to wait. The wait was a good time to rest, to be quiet and watch the people coming in and going out of the Walmart with enough time to also see their packages, what they drive. I guess I better get going.
Have a good walk.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw you in Ocean Springs. Really caught my attention while I was driving!