Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alabama, the Beautiful.

A heavy dew had soaked the fresh paint from yesterday so thw world had to redry in the morning Seminole sun while I spent my morning talking with the men of town at the table in the gas station/diner/social club,no dues required. A love of college football on this particular instance is a plus. The sun slipped in and out of the fast moving clouds, I was able to dry the part of the globe I touch the most, got my pack together and began my walk across the state against a brisk wind and intermittent sprinkles. I had intended to begin at a slow pace today. Indeed because of the chopping wind my pace was slow and determined by the gusts from the west, refreshing after five weeks of allowing my body to heal. The ditches and berms of the sharper bends in the road actually helped as I made my way west to the truck stop at the corner of 90 and 87. Several people stopped, all had friends and close family members with diabetes; both types and were very glad to see our effort. When asked by one man why I don't have a large group of supporters, a movement. I told him I was walking to help people know they can help themselves by staying active. A movement movement. The last person to stop me came out from his home that was within sight of my stop for the day. He offered to ride us back to the van. On the ride back to Seminole he told me of his father who is very active as he manages his diabetes with good results. He said, after talking about it for awhile, his father was the epitome of what I talk about, keeping active. Not a bad observation from a drunken sailor. That's all I'll say about my exciting ride to get the van. I ended the afternoon with a pretty healthy meal of greens, beans and stew with carrots at the truck stop. The Liars section there has a twist I have not seen before. Off to the side of the eating tables is the open office where I had a good conversation with the owner who said it is a good way to keep on top of the goings on. The executive desk adds well to this area liars section.
Forecast calls for 28 to 30 degrees in the morning with a high touching 50 here close to the coast. With a wind advisory again I should bundle up for the walk tomorrow. Slow goings again.
Keep walking, eat something green!


Anonymous said...

I saw you this morning on my way to Pensacola. I passed you quickly but saw the website on the globe. My Mom has diabetes. Keep up the fight! -Leah

Anonymous said...

by last night you had actually made it to elsanor.we don't have much here.a school,community center,fire house and that gas station. i was so happy to see someone do this kinda thing for others as well as themselves.keep up the walking and be careful out there. hope you have a wonderful trip through our beautiful state.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this walk! Our son is a Type 1 diabetic and said thank you as well. Be safe and God Bless!!