Monday, January 23, 2012

In a Fog

I've spent the past two days in a fog. A fog so thick I could hardly see an eighth of a mile before me. Over the Biloxi Bay Bridge yesterday the only time I saw even a glimpse of the sun was as I walked upon it's highest point before it descended to casino row. The sun this morning has come out a time or two. We were soaked just before the fog lifted for awhile but I think ot may just be a passing break because it's looking thick. At least I can see about one half of a mile down the beach.
Two tales have stuck with me from yesterday of folks I met one was a man who's mother suffers from diabetes. Like I do often when I speak to people while walking to bring the point home about staying active I encourage walking to keep from loosing toes and feet. This man replied that his mother has had both her feet cut off due to poor circulation. I felt I'd put my foot in it but he assured me that he and his father had warned her and done their best to encourage her but she wouldn't listen. He said, "She made the choice.".
Don't make that choice, walk.
Another man drove up and said he had a hard family history of type-1 diabetes and he was on 8 shots plus 18 pills a day, was struggling but keeping after it. He had a positive attitude despite his burden and family history.
A good decision.

Into the Biloxi fog we go!


Anonymous said...

We saw you walking along 90 around 2:30pm with your trusty companion and world. You are amazing. Thanks for al you do & best of luck wherever you travel.

carrieflygirl said...

Hi ! My husband and I saw you today!! Hwy 90 Biloxi.What an awesome thing you are doing! I love the dog and the ball and your objective...had no idea and came home to google you.
Today is my 64th birthday and I am definately going to be moving more in your honor!
Keep up the great work!
Carrie Adams

Anonymous said...

Saw you walking in Biloxi today. Great message and example. Sorry about all the fog. Hope you get some great seafood while here.

Michelle said...

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