Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slow going into St. Elmo

The sun was out when we started walking with beautiful White clouds. The wind was coming almost directly against us. I had to switch from side to side to keep a forward edge as the clouds rolled in grey. Only when I got out to the wooded areas did I have any relief and that was slight. In the end it was a mile per hour day, I didn't walk many hours. I was able to end at the corner of 90 and the road to Bayou Le Battre. I worked for every inch. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it. I met a lot of people, had several good and interesting moments, met more than my share of people who had diabetes.


Jason said...

Enjoyed seeing you today as you went under my construction site at Hwy 90 and I-10. My guys all thought you were some crazy person until I googled you with my phone. They all had real encouraging words to say once they knew you were pushing this giant globe down an extremely busy road for a reason. I am thankful for what you are doing, and you sure are receiving a lot of attention. My grandfather was a diabetic, and it is a harsh disease. I wish you the best of luck. Here's to you from the bridge construction crew from I-10/Hwy 90!!

Jaime@ Fast Track Tax Service said...

My grand daughter and I enjoyed chatting with you (and petting Nice)yesterday as you passed our business on Hwy 90 in Theodore, Al. Several customers asked what the "big ball" was all about. I explained you were walking cross country for Diabetes Awareness. We are all moved by your commitment to this cause. We will keep you in our prayers and look forward to reading about your progress. Keep up the walk and stay safe from you friends at Fast Track Tax Service!

Pennisi's said...

I grew up in Mobile and now live in Auburn. My 4 yr old is a T1D. Oh, I wish we knew you were coming close. She would love to meet you and Nice.


Anonymous said...

I saw you when you were in St. Elmo, I was on the way to pick up my son from school=). On the way back my son said "look mommy! that guy holds the world in his hands!". i think its amazing what you do! My mother also has diabetes and i see her struggle with it ever day. Thank you for what you do!