Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mobile Cookie Envy and Serendipity

After leaving the Firehouse in downtown Mobile we walked to Government Street westward. The sidewalks were largely shaded by old thick trees. The old history is evident by the grand Victorian, spanish and plantation style homes which still remain. Some were in fine repair and others showed signs of decline. Mixed in amongst them were stores and shops from more modern times. Service stations of the sixties, small doctor and dentist offices built between homes from before the Civil war. A grocery chain filled a corner location but evidence of a once regal manor still remained with grand stone steps that bordered the parking lot shadowed by the ancient trees that hung low over the now stripped asphalt. There I met an old man having a morning stroll. When he found that I was walking to promote activity to control, turn about and prevent diabetes he said his two children were diabetic and with an almost despondent look he said they don't take care of themselves and would not walk. We passed the Mother's War Memorial, a columned facade in a well kept park with a fountain. Then we passed out to the new roads, wide berms,and shops set far back from the roadway or with service roads to access malls, car lots, and residential neighborhoods. The transition was dramatic, I much prefer weaving around trees as thick as a car to drainage ditches and concrete curbs.
While still shaded by the old growth I passed a florist shop whose name was the same as our neighbor when I was a child. The owner came out and talked for awhile. Many of his family are diabetic but he told me he took action before he was diagnosed by using information from the American Diabetes Association website to help him loose weight, 42 pounds. A serendipitous chance meeting I think. An unsolicited testimonial for positive lifestyle change.
A police officer with a bunch of stripes on his sleeve shadowed my progress for nearly a mile before approaching me about where I would end the day. He had been watching as people stopped on the service roads to talk and take pictures, bring Nice (the dog) treats, or leave us provisions to carry thru the day. He was concerned I'd impede the flow of traffic and helped us pass a narrow bridge way as well as several intersections he thought unsafe for us to cross. With his help I made it safely to Walmart at the outskirts of the metro area. He watched from a distance while a young uniformed Girl Scout came to thank me for bring awareness to diabetes, she is juvenile diabetic, and gave me my choice of Girl Scout cookies she cradled in a box attached to a string about her neck. When I later offered the officer a cookie and told him of the conversation with the young scout he seemed a bit envious but declined the offer. He led me to the next intersection and sped off without a far-thee-well or a wave goodbye.
I had pushed hard against the wind to keep up so when I settled in at the Walmart after a ride by a sweet family we met just before we ended the day. The walmart security, in her truck with the flashing lite, stopped and we talked for a bit about diabetes; she is diabetic. I was too tired t write. That is my excuse for posting this morning. I had also expected rain this morning with a seventy percent chance predicted. Scattered clouds have me about to gather my things and continue west. No rest today.
I wonder how far I'll get today and if I will get caught in the rain. I'm sure I
Won't melt.
Enjoy a walk each day, it could help you live longer.


GOOSE said...

Walk on brother. I still am amazed and the "chance" meetings you have with folks who happen to be diabetic.
Gooses MOM

AlliBama said...

I saw you in Mobile! And Yesterday I found out Alabama is number one for number of diabetics in the US. Keep going strong!! :)