Sunday, January 15, 2012

Breaking in

The third day of walking along the Alabama roads after my holiday break has my shoulder and arm sore because of the wind, the narrow roadways without a lot of time actually on the road. It's not something you'd think of but new socks need to be broken-in and my feet have a couple tender toes. I had meant to post at the end of the day but last night after getting to Daphne I fell asleep as soon as I settled in my blankets. I to have a breaking in period.
Now the sun is filling the sky lite blue. I hope you take some time to walk today,every day. It can't be as difficult as walking in a ditch pushing an eighty pound canvas ball while leading or being led by a large brown dog.


Mary said...

You continue to inspire me and many others with your dedication. Stay safe and walk on!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed speaking with ya. Glad my camera finally started working

Lane said...

Saw you yesterday. And talked to you with my dad. Even got a picture with you. It's a great thing that you're doing.