Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Pot Luck to the Pirate Captain

I'll miss Mississippi when I remember the first miles when I was invited in to eat from the monthly church potluck to the last hours and my visit with the Captain. The elders of Pascagoula had every kind of southern cooking and two tables of cakes. I managed to resist the pies but did have fried chicken (when in Rome), "aw-rotten"potatoes, greens(I committed the cardinal sin and drained the 'pot-lickers' off my plate), liver and onions(I swallowed three bites), and cornbread. More memorable was when the congregation broke into song, happy birthday accompanied by the organist and his new "music machine that makes 200 noises." Fifty old folks singing that old standard to a Laurence Welch style polka that transitioned directly into happy anniversary to the tune in happy birthday polka style. In Pearlington I spent my last evening at the Mosquito Coast Yacht and Gun Club at Kelly Point Between two Bayous with access to the Gulf Coast where the Pirate Captain Fou reigns over the Mosquito Coast Tea Party Organizational Compound. (Which by law I cannot give an opinion of). Hearing the Captains tales of Caribbean adventure and survival of category 5 storms that spice his tea or coffee (whichever you may prefer). Someday I may return to the Mississippi and enjoy the Coast again. For now, Louisiana, the thirty third state we have stepped foot in steeps with adventures of it's own.
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Sarabeth said...

Bienvenue en Louisiane!

Anonymous said...

Just saw you on Hwy 90 between Pearlington and New Orleans East.