Thursday, January 19, 2012

One more day in Alabama

I was a bad boy and didn't have anything to write last night. It was a beautiful day, the wind was right and helped me along a bit.
I was stern with the man who drove up with his wife. He said he'd lost 80 pounds after being diagnosed with type2 diabetes but gained it back cause he wasn't cured. Now he has numbness in his feet and it's starting in his fingers. His wife was glad to have someone else tell him so I ladled an extra helping. Nice got a lot of attention and I received more hugs from beautiful women than I do walking across most states. I was able to have a shower at the end of the day. It was a shame to rinse the smell of perfume the hugs left lingering on my neck but we must make sacrifices. Today I will have more to say.
Please take a few minutes and get that blood flowing to those fingers and toes.


itsmiisally said...

I drive a school bus in Grand Bay and my middle school kids saw you yesterday afternoon.. they started asking questions. Lucky for me I had seen an article on what you were doing and was able to explain to them the reason. Thank you for what you are doing. Stay safe and enjoy Mississippi. Watch for the alligator farm.. You can't miss it!

Anonymous said...

I saw you today in Pascagoula as I was leaving work. I had heard about your journey earlier in the day. Good luck and thank you for your inspiration and awareness.