Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Books and a hot plate.

I have been approached by every manner of people. I have passed many and learned you can't judge a book by it's cover. A young man with a Brazilian polo short came and as we talked I could hear he might actually have been from Brazil. He was fascinated and asked many questions. He gave me his cell-number to possibly help with a ride. As he walked away he turned back and asked, because he was about to graduate from engineering school, could I tell him one thing that he should take with him through life. I was on the spot. Fumbling with the request I replied " besides walking everyday, smile" I spread my arms to indicate all the worldly troubles, "be calm,, nothing's THAT important." I was not ready for a man who was about to finish a university education to ask a question like that. I have lost a world of time worrying , or worse, when I could have taken a breath and calmly continued.
I passed a man sitting on a curb with headphones. He had grey hair so I thought either he was retired or "some crazy". His back was to me as I rolled so I didn't make eye contact and kept going. Some distance further I was stopped and talking to a couple of people. When the man i had passed came up with a young girl, he had been waiting for her to get toff the bus. He offered a ride after I asked how far the Winn-Dixie was. The wind blew hard off the ocean against me all day. We began from a Winn-Dixie and the best next place along the high rises of PCB seemed to be Winn-Dixie. He brought his wife and daughter when he came. Nice, the young girl and me rode in the bed of the truck. She told me of all the animals in her life that had significance during the drive as we rubbed on the dog. The man was about as "down to earth " as a man would want to be. His wife was just as nice. They brought me a hot plate of food for dinner 'cause when he spent ten years wrestling bulls as one of the original "45" bull riders that made professional bull riding famous a hot homemade meal was the best thing in the world to him when he was out on the road. I savored every bite.
I not going to check this post over so here it comes...

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