Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For, not to get...

I can spend the entire morning writing about the people I met, just yesterday ,from the first to the last, who told me they have diabetes or their husband, deceased wife, grandmother etc. with the disease. Some who are getting a surgery to bypass part of their intestines to beat it. Others who exercise and change the diet to turn it around. The last young girl who walked up to me before I settled into the van for the night whose father was diabetic on medications but did little else. It made me sad to see the look on that young girls face when she said her father was not faring but would not change his habits to help himself.
After walking fifteen miles from East Point to Carrabelle a man had a dinner for me from the seafood restaurant ordered and ready. French fries, fried shrimp, hush puppies and cole slaw. I will accept most everything someone takes the time to bring me. And there was a time, a long time, in my life where that meal would have been my first choice if I ordered a meal at a seafood restaurant. Lately fried food or food cooked in heavy oil has not set to well with me. I awoke in the middle of the night thinking I had contracted "the flu". I lay there feeling worse and worse until I had just enough time to get one shoe on and rush out the door to hurl. Thinking I had the flu I have slept late but this morning I feel better. Maybe it was the greasy food that lay heavy on my stomach at the time I ate it last night. I do not want to eat myself diabetic while walking toward everyone being more aware. I need to change more in myself. Walk to prevent diabetes, eat healthy to prevent diabetes.
It has taken me years to begin to change. I can't keep walking for awareness and keep eating food that will lead me to get diabetes.

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Anonymous said...

As we pulled out of HoHum RV Park we saw you & waved, we immediately went to your website & found the reason for your walking w/the big world ball & a dog. We wanted to wish you well, safety and many donations! W&T world travelers!