Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The first steps

I began walking this morning a little anxious to start again in Florida but before I made it past the first corner a woman came out from the store she was working in. When I told her my purpose she shared with me she had been told three months ago that she was "borderline diabetic". She and her husband took this news seriously, changed their eating habits, stopped eating sugar, stopped eating food that digests to sugar. She had lost thirty pounds and they were both healthier and happier. We were both so happy for one another we had to hug as we parted. If I was looking for a sign I think the first person I talked to with such a great story could not have been better. Any angst I had disappeared .
Grab that bull by the horns! Make some changes and get healthy.

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Anonymous said...

Where are you gonna be tomarrow? My family seen you in Milton fl. Today