Tuesday, January 22, 2013

To East Point

Starting late I walked through Apalachicola into the historic district and after a cup of coffee I started toward the bridge. I was explaining to someone that on bridges where it is recommended I take a ride, I will. Then a man and wife rolled up with an empty small wood sided trailer. I asked if they were going over the bridge, the man gladly helped load the world and in a few minutes I was safe on the other side. There I met the man from the radio station who later gave us a ride back to the hideaway back in Apalachicola. We stayed behind Barber's Seafood-oysters .
We have a beautiful day ahead. Have an enjoyable walk today.


Anonymous said...

My sister and I stopped today, met you and snapped a picture...it's good to know you. Safe journeys and thanks for what you're doing! Kathryn Kent

Anonymous said...

Since your walk through Eastpoint and after secretly taking your picture and finding out about you on your blog...i wish you many blessings in your life. I thank you for what you are doing! Be safe on your journey! Only if the world had more people in it like you how sweet it would be. Ill keep track. May God Bless You!