Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Uh thank you, thank you very much."

A woman asked me if she could bring me something to eat, she would bring it to me on her way back from town. I asked her to surprise me, wanting something healthy since I was walking toward diabetes awareness. When she returned she had a small bag with a sandwich and a cranberry infused water. She pointed out that the drink was healthy as she told me about the "Elvis Presley Special" in the bag. A crunchy peanut butter and banana on what seemed like pan fried white bread with a hard cornbread crust... The first bite, probably because I had not had something cooked in oil for awhile, tasted like gas. The rest of it went down much better. Color me surprised.


Anonymous said...

Erik, we wish you well and are praying for safe travels on your journey! We hope you and Nice enjoyed your stay at the MainStay last night.

The Kennedys
Port St. Joe, FL

Anonymous said...

We are driving to Apalachicola for the Oyster Cookoff. Passed you on Hwy 98! What a great cause! Maybe we'll see you in downtown later today and enjoy some oysters together! Kelly