Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Perry post

Walking is great for clearing your mind and getting your circulation flowing.
I feel I should write about the people I have met the past few days who are great examples of diabetics who take care of themselves with diet and exercise or the nice people who have helped me, the long talks I have had and the passing friendships that make the journey rich. I have drafted a post this morning but I was forcing myself to say something interesting. Sometimes I need to be quiet until I have something to say.
We walked the last few miles into Perry and stopped at the Winn-Dixie about three o'clock. Had enough daylight to paint some worn spots on the world and this morning I have organized my backpack. We are going to walk to the outer edge of civilization, I have been told it is six miles, where we will stop for the day . After days of long distance we both could use short days to recuperate. The next days will again be long unless we sleep in the tent. One day at a time. It could be windy.
Take a few minutes to walk each day. It will do your body good.

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