Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Nice Walk to Shalimar

We walked from Niceville after taking in Niceville Avenue. A nice street with a nice hardware store, a nice school, nice little houses, nice commercial buildings and a nice small wooded area. Before we got out of town I stopped for a nice breakfast and a nice interview with a man from the Niceville newspaper. It was all very nice. Then we had another nice interview with a local television newsman , channel 7, just as we entered Valparaiso, nice. Except for the abundant sand spurs along the roadway by the Air Force base the miles to Shalimar passed nicely with several nice folks stopping for a nice visit. At the Shalimar city sign we were interviewed one last time by channel 3... A nice interview. Then a nice girl and her mother asked for a picture, they had called the tv news and were so nice they felt they had to apologize for calling them. it is with the the help of such nice people that we are able to spread the be nice to yourself by walking message. As the nice camera man was still filling us for some nice follow up footage I stopped at the nice fire station and had a nice talk with the nice firefighter who nicely gave me permission to rest there for the evening. I then awaited the nice woman I had met earlier in the day, and her nice husband, to pick me and Nice (the dog) up and shuttle us back to the van in Niceville. Once back and settled at the parking area between the firehouse and the courthouse annex I must have been tired from the nice day because the next thing I knew It was midnight.
I hope everyone can, like me, have a very nice day.
Love yourself and walk everyday.

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Anonymous said...

My twin met you today in Fort Walton Beach and posted pics- made my day! thank you!