Friday, January 18, 2013

Panama to Mexico

The breeze was a little better through town but still blew hard against us. We were able to get almost nine miles after talking and trekking past Springfield to Crandall. There I met a man who offered a lift to his home and some advice about the bridge I had to cross... Get a ride. I have rolled over many bridges and other hazards but when necessary I will go with safe passage on a narrow,arched bridge with a tiny walkway. The man offered a shower, sealing the deal, baby wipe baths only go so far and washing a load of dirty clothes made the matter of riding a short distance with the World in the bed of his truck alright. He had room in his garage to store the planet and for the first day since we began this leg of our journey the world was dry in the morning and I was able to get the world over the bridge leading to Tyndall AFB without much problem. The wind had finally shifted and helped march me across the military facility property before sunset. As I approached Mexico Beach a woman came and offered a room at The Driftwood Inn in Mexico Beach. I walked the extra twenty blocks to get there, almost passing it by. Had the woman at the inn not been looking for me I would have rolled past. The sign was clear but I was exhausted from the nearly seventeen miles I'd covered. I am very grateful for all the nice people I meet and all the help. I am foot sore and tired. I am going to curl up in this bed and go back to sleep.

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Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure meeting you on the "Streets of Callaway" two days ago. My wife and I were honored to have you stay with us to catch up on some "World Maintenance" (and "Erik Maintenance too"!!)... We had a wonderful time speaking with you about your past travels and ideas for the future. We wish you Godspeed on your long journey to promote diabetes awareness. Please give Nice a pat on the back for us and keep in touch! You will always be welcome at The Hruza Family Residence! God Bless... Paul, Nina and Diana.