Sunday, January 27, 2013

Buster and The Massage

We were on the coastal road in Oregon one Sunday. The miles passed quickly early on the day. As people got out on the road we were stopped by many, slowed to a crawl. At one driveway we stood and talked to at least a dozen people as they pulled up then drove away only to be replaced by another car and visitor. During this a woman came and asked me to remove my backpack, she was a massage therapist and wanted to given back a rub while I talked. She worked on tight muscles and knew her business. People kept stopping and she kept rubbing. When at last all the others had left the woman told me she had recently lost her home, was living out of her car and asked if I would mind her following along with me. She said,however, she had a dog who might not get along with my dog(Nice). She told me some of her story and I thought if I turned down a traveling massage therapist I should have my hard examined. A little later, further up the road the woman had met a man having a yard sale who had agreed to let us stop for the day,it was still early but I opted to stop for lunch. As we walked up we passed Bister;(her dog) who was leashed to the bumper of her vehicle. Buster barked and Nice wagged his tail. I spoke to the man there for a moment as I removed my pack and was about to sit down in a lawn chair when the massage therapist let Buster loose. It was about twenty seconds before he ( I later found out Buster had been returned 3 times to the shelter by military personnel who couldn't deal with Buster) and Nice were in a brawl. Luckily the man had a water hose close enough to the scene to spray down Buster as I pulled Nice by his leash separating them. I don't know what would have happened had the man with the hose been there because Buster was coming for more though he had been fighting on his back with Nice atop him. Not good.
" And that's all I have to say about that."

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