Sunday, September 8, 2013


I had a blanket, for years it kept me warm.
A tear welled up as I walked to the garbage container.
The time had come to let it go.
It had no holes, no frayed seams.
By tossing it away I felt like I let go of some pain, sweat...and tears, anxiety, loneliness and doubt that I have slept under for so long.
No amount of washing could mask the funk it had absorbed. Literally and figuratively.
That, in introspection, is why the "comforter" was so hard to give up.
Necessary and symbolic.
Goodbye blanket...


Unknown said...

I had an old pick up truck that i had driven for 20 years. It had started nickle and dimeing me to death. The tas expire on sept 30th and i had to let it go this week. it had taken me on dates before i was married, both of my teen aged daughter had ridden init in car seats and my father who is long passed had driven it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a wise move! Many of us would do well to follow your example.