Friday, April 30, 2010

Catch up Post...

Good morning! I have rested a bit and feel pretty good even though I have been waking up since 4am. It's now 6:30am, the sky is clear and I am pumped to get going this morning and roll into Manchester. Yesterdays wind was just enough to help keep the world moving forward and had only a few moments when I had to stand and wait for the gusts to change direction. The world is like an on land sail which I need to tack to-and-frow. the rolling hills here in Maryland are beautiful and I love slowly walking along, taking in the scenery. The spring flowers and the stubble fields ready to bear the new seasons plantings leave me speechless. Glorious and all that mush. It's good to be able to enjoy it.

I spoke to a newspaper team who followed me a short way. Showing that, "If you roll it, they will come." I was able to tell them my goal of influencing people to walk and eat well to stay healthy thereby keeping diabetes in check and have a happy long life with your family. Nice (the dog) was able to search for any frogs that may be under foot while we talked. At the end of the a nice family took us in for dinner and a shower. This morning we will walk slow. I'll try to keep it under ten miles today. Maine will still be there when we arrive this summer.
Enjoy the day!!!.


The Andersons said...

Where do you think you will be on Sunday...I would like to find you and show my children what you are doing and have them meet you and your dog.

Brady said...

I passed you this morning just outside of Westminster (by Thomas, Bennett & Hunter) on my way to visit with my mom in Hanover, PA. She's diabetic. If I had known what you are doing, I would have stopped and bought you guys lunch or something. Best wishes with your journey. I'll be following you online and/or on FB now!
~ Brady

Brady said...

Oh My Gosh! You were blocks from my house earlier this week. I live just off Brink Road below Damascus! Nice could have come play with our labradors. No froggies, but we do see bunnies & fox.

Best wishes on your journey. Hope my other post shows up soon. Take care!
~ Brady