Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day at the National Mall and the Oldest House

Earth Day morning I thought I would give parking in D.C. another try. I made my way from my quaint parking spot in a small neighborhood just outside of downtown Arlington next to it's little park on the site of Arlington's oldest known structure.

Funny that I came to park there. When I got to D.C. I was able to find a great spot at the mall, but the hitch was I couldn't stay there until 10 a.m. and was sitting in the van to wait for the time that I could. The parking police were soon making the morning rounds and moved me along. The next two hours I shuffled around looking for the next spot and hoping I could be at the mall for the ten minute window when I could get a two hour metered spot. Traffic, being what it is in D.C. had me stuck far away when that time came.

Having learned my lesson, I drove back to the little neighborhood and walked the hour and one-half to where the world was at the mall in the tent of the Dept. of Energy. I arrived, and the earth ball was a good attraction to the crowd,drawing them into the semi-circle of tables the DOE had to offer. As the world was free from harm, I was able to leave it there and visit the other booths which are there for the Earth Day Celebration. Though the event has been going on all week, and there is also a concert event set for Sunday, many booths were unmanned yesterday when it was raining, and others, as with the DOE, did not set up until the festivities of today.
To end this post I will say that I soon retrieved the world and left the event to walk the mall as I had planned. Earth Day and the District of Columbia, done.

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Melanie Draper said...

Good to see you there!!