Friday, April 30, 2010

A Strand of Faith and the World Lands on Safe Ground.

This morning as I ate breakfast my head had that ache from lack of sleep. I pressed on thinking I would make it an easy day and walk fewer miles. It turned out at days end we walked another ten miles. We had been walking along route27 and were a short hill away from the turn we had planned eastward to Hamstead, when a trooper and his supervisor pulled up to find out what in the world I was doing. As I told him my quest I pulled out the news article from the Carroll County Tribune front page with full color photos of yours truly.

Still he asked if I had identification. As I produced it from my wallet a small plastic wrapper from some soft dog kibbles someone had given Nice (the dog) fluttered to the ground. The officer pounced and snatched it from the pavement with lightening fast speed for inspection. Disappointed he handed me the wrapper coated with residue of kibbles. His supervisor and I exchanged veiled smiles.

Upon further questioning he decided he didn't want me walking the direct route to Hamstead, but to Manchester and then down to Hamstead, about 13 extra miles as I figured it to be. All because of a short stretch of narrow road on a hill. I confess I did not walk his way.

When I came to the narrow spot in the road I was standing at the head of a driveway when the owner of the property pulled in, then backed up to see if we needed water. I asked if this section of road was truly as narrow as I had been warned. He confirmed that it was, then offered to get his truck and take us to the bottom of the hill. (This is the part where I preach to those who poo poo that having a strand of faith can change the course of the world.) A minute or two later we were on safe ground and all was good with the world. We worked our way to the top of the next hill where Nice (the dog) lay down in the shade of a young couples' yard. After some friendly conversation, they got on the phone and called down the road to a business where we could camp for the night. Our hosts from last night then picked us up, took us to a cook-out where we ate like kings, and brought us back just as it got dark. Back to a world on safe ground.

I am meeting more good people than I can count. Thank you all.

Now for some sleep!


sgmalco said...

Erik, we so enjoyed hosting you, and all because of Mercedes' undying curiosity. She just had to know what you were up to! I believe we gained as much (if not more) from the experience as you did. All our friends last night were amazed at what you are doing, as are all you meet, I suspect! God bless you as you continue your journey. Let us know if there is ever anything more you need.
Steve & Gretchen

Renee said...

I saw you walking yesterday on 27. I wish I had thought to stop and chat. My son has type 1 Diabetes. Thank you for doing what you're doing. When I saw you, I had wondered what you do when you get to a narrow place. It was cool reading your post and finding out how the universe takes care of such circumstances for you.