Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rise and Shine the World is Turning...again.

It's good to know even the birds get up early in our nations capitol. People are walking into work and the traffic is brisk for five in the morning. In Louisville there is at least an hour of quiet streets after four a.m.. I am glad the cogs of Democracy never sleep. It helps me feel safe.
Perhaps you may be wondering if I have been saying I would get to Washington D.C. on Earth Day, why am I here a full day early? Traffic. I anticipated more obstacles in getting across the river and crossed at night to keep from annoying bike riders and pedestrians proved to be fast. So here I am waiting for the sunrise and the new day.
Since everyday is Earth Day for Worldguy I came a day early to appreciate the experience.
Of coarse after I celebrate Earth day I will change hats, as it were,and begin this years journey for diabetes awareness. I have been walking all this time truly to honor my mother, Kentucky State Representative Gerta Bendl, who died a week shy of her fifty fifth birthday. I have just aged forty eight and this year I am being selfish and also walking for me. I have always been a large guy and walking can keep diabetes away. I want to honor my mother by living longer than she did and doing some service for the world like she did during her stay on it.
Have a happy Earth Day, and turn that light off, save a tree or plant one, and slow down on the parkway for OUR sake.

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