Thursday, April 29, 2010


Yesterday we were buffeted by high gusty winds stronger than those we wrestled last year across the mid-west. Patiently we plodded ahead. When I looked at the map it seemed best to walk down Main street in Mt. Aire but the line on the map showed nothing of the hills or tiny sidewalks. The yard signs for next week's election and the buildings of downtown built inches from the road added to the windy challenge. All the obstacles were worth the extra effort for the people we met and the crab soup I had at the best place to eat in town, Concettas. It gave us much needed energy for the roll out of town and back on 27 -like my prior post suggested- set us on a collision course with the family who helped us and let me clean up.

I suddenly need to sleep after today's ten miles of walking. I'll say more after I sleep.

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