Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Over the Brink and Beyond

We began the day with a steady pace and kept it up most of the day. We seemed to slow the fevered pace a bit while the commuters took in the sights. We were given a safer route early in the morning; to a road named Brinks,it had its' share of trenches and obstacles but led us soon to the wide side lane of the road to Damascus where we met many good people who were more helpful than I deserve. All thru the day we had good encounters and Nice (the dog) had many feet to stir up those allusive frogs he imagines are under every foot. (He has been obsessed since last year when he caught one in Illinois). We walled over twelve miles and I am a bit sore for the effort. Tomorrow promises to be a good day.

To the many parents I met today who are helping their children cope with diabetes I want to say you are shining stars and I was honored to have spent time with you...

I received a message from J. G. of Fairfield Illinois today who told me of his parents passing this year. One of cancer and the other of a broken heart. Their whole family (and the town) showed me such warmth and hospitality when I came thru and I want give special mention to them. If only all families could have so sweet a pair of elders, the world would be a better place. I have , and will, hold you close in my thoughts.

Over the brink, says I!

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Anonymous said...

I saw you yesterday on Rt. 27 on the road to Damascus, MD. I was like what the..Why is traffic slowing down? Then I saw on your globe the URL. May God keep you safe on your travels. Good to stand up for something!