Monday, April 19, 2010

Dreaming in Circleville Ohio

All night my dream went in a loop of me in a cramped truck driving from work thru the city. repeating the same congested route shifting gears with a floor shift and clutch talking to the other two men in the cab with me. I'm not a small man and though I didn't recognize one of the men, the other, and more talkative, was Terry (Hulk) Hogan. Far too many bodies in the little trucks cab. Now that Nice (the dog) has bullied his way under my blanket I can see the relation between the dream and the reality..Why "the Hulkster" was dictating driving instructions is a mystery.
I remember the dream ending, it being my time at the wheel, easily blending into the flow of traffic despite Hulks warnings it was too difficult.

I'll write something of value after I get somewhere for breakfast or this evening when I have finished this task I have of reviewing my first long walk for diabetes in 2007.


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