Thursday, April 15, 2010

Counting Down

All the little things are going together for the road trip. I have been spending good times with my son these last days. We'll both be leaving this fine city the same day,just in different directions. He is heading back to Madison and I am going to D.C. and beyond. Just a few things more to finalize.
Earth Day in the Capitol is where I'll give the world a new coat of paint, a once over, a fresh look. I may even wear a new hat. No hidden messages here. I have a few jars of blue and green and a Stetson that's not had a thousand miles of sweat and rain or cradled the weight of the world 'atop it. Like the one I have worn so long it is hard with salt and mountain dust. I bought it for myself as we walked thru downtown K.C. My ATABOY for a journey well walked. I have been babying the thing so; it's time to break that hat in!
Am I rambling?
On Earth Day I'll do my little part for the World with a stroll thru D.C. and then begin my little part for diabetes with a stroll through the summer

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