Friday, April 23, 2010

Plans, Family, Weather and the Whip.

The way we planned the final routes on the walking tours is to get advice from local people who know the area. This way we are able to keep safe and walk on roads with some sidewalk or some access for the world. The support vehicle is also a factor. Where to park it and the ability to keep close to any supplies with shelter when I can end the day close by it. I was lucky to get lost in Arlington and happen upon a great spot. While talking to locals of D.C. and the surrounding areas it will be implausible to walk out of the District and park the van for more than two hours. Residents have permits for their own area and are towed without quarter. As much as I want to walk out of Washington I am forced to change the plan.

I plan to walk in all the states in the Union at some point. Some states I have walked across, others I have walked a short distance in. That is the way of things. I am now at my sisters home in Maryland spending some time with family. I found out yesterday after I returned to the van that she worked just up the road from where I had to park the van in Arlington. When she gave me a street name to meet for dinner I had no problem finding it because the world had rolled on it. Things worked out for the best. I drove her home last evening to her car at the subway terminal and am visiting today with my brother-in-law who I have known since I was seven. This was not on my agenda. A welcome change to the traffic and obstacles of this week.

Today is a beautiful, breezy day. Tomorrow and Sunday there is rain predicted. Also, I am so glad I took Nice(the dog) early for his shots because the veterinarian called from home and my pup has a case of whip worms. Apparently he picked them up a few weeks ago in our walks around my neighborhood. This morning I went to a vet close to my sisters and got him the worming treatment: three daily doses and then again for three days in two weeks, plus a preventative in three months. The past two days he had not been eating and I was worried. Now just three hours after the first dose he is eating normally. I won't stress him and will wait for Monday before we begin walking again, even though he was happy to be back on the road the past two days. It is not worth any risk to him. I can also take this time to plan, or be led by blind luck, serendipity, and faith, to a path. I have landed miles from the inner city and I will take that to be serendipity. Slowing the roll at the start is a good thing, I am in no hurry.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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