Monday, September 26, 2011

Elmer's Revenge.

In the time between my host dropping me at the van and the time it took me to then drive to town for staples (that's staples, not staples) my host took Nice (the dog) for a walk on his leash with his pugnacious little dog named Elmer following along. He told me he was walking along and Nice (the dog) stopped. By the time he turned to look back Nice had raised his leg and was doing what dogs do, but he was doing on Elmer who was standing underneath... Fast forward to this morning when I had gathered my things and had them on the driveway by the van. When I noticed Elmer raised his leg and had done what dogs do to my backpack. He got his revenge!


Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Elmer was just trying to make friends, anyhow wash the back pack with some vinegar it will neutralize the smell. Hope the trails ahead of you are filled with more exciting pictures and amazing memories! - Rose Wise, Walcott, ND :)

Anonymous said...

I met you today! Right outside of Rosholt, SD... Thank you so much for holding the sign that read "For Khaylin" She will be so excited!! :) She has been diabetic since she was 18 months old. Her mother has taught her to be an extremely strong little girl. I know that her heart will smile whem she sees the pictures I was able to take with you! Thank you so much!
-Leisha Job