Thursday, September 15, 2011

Facing the Wind

Since walking into Minnesota at the Iowa border in July I was sheltered by the hills and bluffs along the Mississippi for most of the time. It's not that there was no breeze or hard winds but the afternoons of the past three days have been challenging. When I walked across the midwest farm country in southern Indiana, Illinois and Missouri I pushed against the prevailing winds for weeks on end. The breezes off the coastlines from Florida to North Carolina were tough at times, at times brutal. West Virginia was nothing but hill. Most cities and towns have a claim to fame. This morning I will walk into Fargo in the "Flattest place on Earth". Then I will turn south and hope the winds of the past three days will give me a break on the flats. The cool frost this morning has all my hurts and pains standing on the "drive" button. Maybe this starting fluid will help. Coffee, good for what ails ya'.
No inspiring final words.
Goodbye Minnesota.


Anonymous said...

Minnesota will miss you, Erik.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Fargo!

Tierney said...

I saw you in Fargo, North Dakota today (Thursday the 15th) and wanted to say hi. I am so inspired by your journey and have been dreaming of doing something like that only on one of the thru-trails.

I wanted to stop you and take your photos, maybe someday you will pass by again and I will have the guts to ask this time. :)

Great job on your walk and I am excited to read more about it.