Thursday, October 13, 2011

Acceptance or Heaven in a Ditch

From weeks of walking with the winds in my face as I walked south I thought I might have some relief from the head wind when I turned West for the day to follow the route of 81. The wind had another plan, to take me to school. The wind shifted almost directly from the West only becoming stronger as the morning progressed. I had choice of being overwhelmed by being driven off the wide gravel shoulder to the grass easement or to enjoy the scenery as I zigged and zagged using both hands to keep the World rotating and away from the barbed wire and electrified fences. Somewhere on the joy of the waltz with my dance partner, the wind I awoke . The tree lines along some fields and surrounding farmhouses calmed the force so I could roll by the road. Then the ditch was my playground, my heaven. That's where it showed itself for a moment, a shadow, a wave in the blades of grass, the sway over the line of evergreen, a hearts beat in the right place. The moment lingered and warmed the day.

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