Sunday, October 9, 2011

Suits in South Dakota

After walking in a lite rain out of Watertown toward Kones Korner. Walking in the rain is not as hard as against a head wind though it makes the canvas ball very heavy. It also picks up sand, dirt and grass when it is wet. At an intersection I stopped, tied the World to a stop sign, tied Nice (the dog) to it and sat down to change my socks. While in that prone position a van filled with men in grey suits on their way to a wedding. They piled out and walked up in a group which was too much for the dog who like dogs do waned to protect me and the World from being surrounded by to many while I was not able to get up. Luckily he was tied to the sign and the ball so none of the young men had red accents to their matching suits. It was very odd to see anyone in a suit where everyone has been bringing in the harvest so I can't blame the dog for doing his job.
More rain on Sunday and the south wind is forcasr to return. I hope it's not too strong.
Enjoy walking.

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Anonymous said...

Just saw you walking 1 mile north of Arlington. Keep up the goo work! Will