Friday, October 14, 2011

The "Jake" break

Again, I remember writing something before I fell away to sleep but am not quite sure what... This morning I am turning south again after a 14 mile run west (into the wind). Today perhaps I will have another angle on the breeze. At Jakes corner truck stop I am washing a load of socks and things before the long haul to Salem. That will take longer than a day so a short break for clean smelling laundry will be worth it.
Even on these sparse South Dakota roads I meet too many who are diabetic, young and old. If I meet diabetics in what they call "the middle of nowhere" the need for action, I think, is World wide.


Erica Hughes said...

Saw u on ur way to salem from jakes and wondered who u are and what u were up to. Found u on the interent though. :) Stay warm and safe. What ur doin is amazing and takes a lot of dedication. Good luck through SD!

Erica from SD

Anonymous said...

Saw you north of Arlington on Monday, curiosity got the best of me so found you on the internet. I was wishing I could go with you and get away from my desk job! :) It is a very inspiring thing you do, keep up the good work and have safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Saw you south of Salem. Keep safe & God bless