Friday, October 7, 2011

Bittersweet advisory

For days before I pushed to the Bittersweet Lodge the winds had been picking up against me. There I had a shower and in the morning I had a nice conversation over a hearty breakfast. After preparing my things and checking the World for any needed maintenance I rolled out to the road where I was met by a stiff breeze. Then I pushed further and past the tree line to be crushed by the South wind. It only became stronger as the morning worn on. It blew so hard I was forced into the grass and the edge of the occasional newly harvested fields. In some stretches the tall grass would grab my feet and the wind blowing the World against me was the only reason I would not be face down with Nice (the dog) sniffing my ear. The backpack weighed heavy as the days against the wind had me using both arms to keep the World moving south. When I had to get back on the road to pass a creek or drain culvert I would attach the leash to the ball and struggle for every step forward. The high grass giving resistance and being able to use both arms I made my way many miles but as the sun sunk low I was miles from "Raw-ville" where a man stopped with an offer of a ride...I took it. Letting out some air so we could strap the World down in the bed of his truck he dropped us at the restaurant/bar. I spent the evening there and against the offers to take the day at a mans home close by I stripped down the weight I usually carry and decided to push on, still against the wind, into Watertown. Even stronger than the day before I only braved the blacktop to pass bridges and stayed in the grass. Toward town the roadside was cut short which made it harder to go forward. Often I would "zig-zag" tacking into the ever increasing gusts until I made it to the edge of the city. Four miles in five hours, the week of hard wind in my face and a wind advisory for the next day I am now sitting in the van with it rocking in the wind as it has all night doing battle with the flies that have sought refuge from the elements. At least after a night's sleep I can swing at them without a sting of pain running up to my shoulder.

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