Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I left The Meridian Corner "The middle of nowhere, the center of everything" bundled up with my Carhartts, gloves, a john deere cap I found by the road here in South Dakota (washed) determined to beat the cold I picked up on the side of the road also. The sign said it was 27 miles to Yankton and I knew I'd be able to stop half way there. When I got to the intersection that did have an area to park and nothing else I felt the urge to go on. I had a good wind, it was the warmest part of the day, a few cars stopped at the four-way-stop, honking and giving me encouraging waves so I pressed on knowing only that it was fifteen miles to town. I slowed my pace, lulled myself away to the country radio station music and kicked up some dust BY GOSH! After it was dark I was able to get more road time with the autos not being able to see me and I able to see them. Luckily a nice couple who were talking on their couch decided to go find out if I was safe from the cold, having heard I was on the long stretch to Yankton on the old meridian road. They found me and offered their driveway four miles from town, they ferried me to the van and clocked it at twenty one and a huff' mile'. Not too shabby for a tired dog with a sick road weary guy who's been complaining over his little clod of ailments. This morning I am off to Yankton, then we'll 'take a knee' before we go to Nebraska.

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