Friday, October 7, 2011

Just because...

When I was pushing against the strong wind yesterday a mini van stopped and the man and woman inside motioned for me to come over to them. It was all I could do to get the World up to the edge of the road in the hard winds and talk to them. They both were very large and the man said he was going in for surgery to have his toenail removed to prevent possible infection due to diabetes. His wife gave Nice (the dog) a large piece of deep fried chicken tender. They told me they had read of my walk in the local paper and thanked me for it. I tried to encourage them to take it on themselves to walk citing a woman I recently met who was diabetic, had lost some weight and after just a few days of simply walking could feel her feet again. It seemed to me by the blank stares I got in response these two were not going to jump out and walk with me, or with one another. If I could impart on them how proud that woman was for beginning to turn her diabetes around with diet and exercise maybe they would take a few steps, just because.

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