Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Scavenger's Grip

I've collected a mountain of stuff in my day. This Spring while preparing for this, my fifth walk for diabetes awareness, I gave away most of my mountain. I was walking along the road yesterday and found a pair of Vice Grips and could not resist. Clamping them to my belt I told myself I would give them away. I have a box back in Kentucky filled with pliars of all types and have several of these specialized Vice Grip tools. I didn't need them, didn't need to carry them back to my old Kentucky Home far away. The next person to stop and talk offered to help me at the end of the day to get me to my van. As she was about to pull away I gave her the tool (my pack-rat voice struggled with the act). She said her boys could use them. I felt good that I could share my burden as a gift. For me giving has been much more fulfilling than any pile of possession I have guarded from loss in my life.
Time to walk. Have a great day!


Andy said...

Just saw you on the curve by Dalton SD on highway 81. Keep up the word and stay safe and warm.

Peggy said...

My daughter and I saw your World tied up to the post at Dollar General in Freeman this evening. She was really hoping to meet you and wish you the best on your travels. Diabetes has touched our lives through family members and your walk for awareness is great. Save travels from Freeman, SD.

Anonymous said...

Hello Erik,
I passed you on the highway when you were north of Freeman, SD. Being surprised at a man, a dog, and a rolling earth, not knowing your cause, and being I was in a little car I continued on. I'm happy to read about your quest and your sharing of knowledge and awareness for diabetes. Happy trails as you roll on down the road!! Irene