Saturday, October 22, 2011

Over the Bluffs

The frosty beginning that greeted me when I awoke to my first day in Nebraska was in no way an indicator of what the day would bring. I hadn't made my way past the first crossroad south before being welcomed by several of the born-and-bread Nebraskans whose warmth and hospitality rivals any I have been given anywhere. Even the breeze helped to push me up the rim of the plain into the rolling terrains. All day I met people who grew up with those I'd met earlier. And those who were passing thru filled the pallet with colors of kindness from the gulf coast to the african continent. If first impressions make the meal, my visit to Nebraska was glazed with brown sugar right out of the oven. It was past dark when I finally rolled from the valley floor into Fordyce. Not because of difficulty but from all the conversations and my long pauses to take in the views of the day; heartwarming.
The second day was no different as the people were all fun to talk to and friendly. The wind worked my body over a bit and the roads to Hartington had their challenges but gravel road, steep banks on narrow highways and a head wind didn't damper the 'Husker spirit. I was even helped by a half dozen young teens whose parents let them push the World up the last uphill mile outside of town. I got a patch for my collection from "Big Kenny" and a meal when I got to town. I had a nice conversation as I retrieved the van and nap after I returned that served to "prime the pump" for a good night's sleep.
On both days I met many effected by diabetes. Each day I shared my stories with at least one diabetic who said they would begin to walk to get the circulation back to their toes and feet. Everyday I am able to assist someone to push past their excuses, at least say out load they will take a step out is a day I will happily climb any bluff.
I guess that sounds a little corny... I am in Cornhusker country after all.

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